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WallStreetBaby is a cryptocurrency token made for the community. Bringing premium WallStreetBaby NFT meme art to Token holders. $WSB token holders will be able to propose and vote on important decisions.

Own a piece of crypto history

Unique WallStreetBaby NFTs

Be the first to collect and trade the unique WallStreetBaby Meme NFTs that started it all. More WSB memes NFTs coming soon.

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1000 $WSB Meme Contest


We are inviting all artists to participate in making MEME pictures and cards (diamond hands, moon, etc.). Winners will be picked and awarded with WSB tokens from 1000 WSB token pool.

To enter, send your meme to our email address:


Here's what we've been up to and what we have planned. The future of the token is decided by the community, not by the developers.

Q4 2020

Start working on the project

Q1 2021

Launch the $WSB token

Q1 2021

Create and release unique NFTs

Q2 2021

Explore listing the $WSB coin on various exchanges

Q2 2021

Crypto Trading course for HODLers
Community Discord channel
Technical analysis of crypto assets
Risk management
Token research

Q2 2021

Implementing community governance
Exploring new ideas
New paths for the project
Power to the people !!!

What's next? You Decide.

Tokens can be used to propose and vote on important decisions.

Get to know us

Our Team

George Lopez

George is among the most competent developers we have seen in years. He also by pure happenstance shares a name with a famous comedian, though he is not quite as funny. George loves crypto and hates trading, yet has developed trading algorithms for retail traders before coming to WSB. Internally he is known as the man in the engine room.

Nakitu Minayashi

Nakitu began his career as a freelance guru, stumbled onto crypto mining, began trading, got bored and fed up with the rugpulls and product-less coins popping up left and right, and decided to launch a product worth investing in. That led to the assembly of the WSB team and the eventual launch of this coin. Nakitu is a die-hard egalitarian and the mastermind of the voting system on WSB.

Peter Mueller

Peter missed the time for entry into cryptomining. As a late starter in 2017, he had to learn on the job and got involved with API-driven crypto-trading systems. Throughout this journey he got more in-depth on the theory of economics and finance, and decided to bring that experience to WSB. Peter believes in the freedom of building and having a decentralized crypto-based financial system driven by the community to become more independent of fiat currencies. He has a knack for finding the most obscure bugs in any system and is an avid tester to make sure things run smoothly and safely as it pertains to the WSB Token.

Julian Bustleton

Julian cut his teeth trading in the unforgiving realm of foreign exchange. It took as long as early 2017 before Julian was introduced to cryptocurrencies, and he decided to expand his trading portfolio to include this new, untested frontier. Today, Julian is a part time trader, part time systems analyst, and a full time father. His hobbies include, but are not limited to, correcting Nakitu's spelling and grammar. He's the hype man of the project, keeping spirits high and energy flowing.

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  • WallStreetBaby is a cryptocurrency token made for the community, by the community. Most of us there are retail traders, but we also have access to a very talented team of developers. Considering the current surge in retail traders vs hedge funds/Wall Street Suits, we are planning on making this token yet another tool for the community to use to give us an edge over them.
  • The team was formed after some discussions about creating a WSB themed token, primarily as a meme to start with, but as discussions progressed, the idea for WSB token grew. The team are mostly active traders.
  • A whitepaper is not yet required. The future of the token is decided by the community, not by the developers.

    To show we are here for the long term, presale funds have been locked for 2 years. You can check the status of the locked funds here. here.
  • You can find it on Etherscan.
We’re excited to bring this tool to the community and looking forward to watching it grow. We’ll endeavor to update our FAQ as the community decides on it’s direction.